Combined PLC and touch screen HMI in IMO i3H integrated module

combined HIM and PLC


The i3  integrated PLC and HMI from IMO Precision Controls combines the functionality of a PLC with a powerful, intelligent colour touch screen HMI.  The i3 is a robust, reliable control product that combines a traditional controller, programmed in ladder logic, an operator interface, I/O and networking into an integrated, all-in-one unit using a single software package.


The i3H has five screen options of 5.7″, 8.4″, 10.4″, 12.1″, and 15″), and a typical logic scan rate of 0.2mS/K. In addition, the i3H incorporates several leading protocols for enhanced PLC connectivity. The embedded Ethernet supports many Internet capabilities such as remote data access, programming, hosting HTML-based Web pages, and FTP sites.


i3H line also has a built-in CF slot enabling users to store up to 2GB of machine or process data. Programs can be backed-up using the CF slot and which will also enable machine builders to send upgrades to their customers’ sites. Up to 40 digital I/O are available and 4 analogue channels support direct PT100, thermocouple,  voltage and current inputs.  Expansion I/O is also available.


Part Numbers
5.7″  i3C12Z/00000-SEHF*
8.4″  i3H08/00000-SEOL
10.4″  i3H10/00000-SEOL
12.1″  i3H12/00000-SEOL
15″  i3H15/00000-SEOL
*1/4 VGA Only, 320 x 240 & Micro SC


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