Smart maintenance with Omron NS Series HMIs

NS Series uses Smart Active parts from a library of 3000 devices





Preventative maintenance is important for the continued operation of most ac variable speed inverter drives, where the most vulnerable parts are the cooling fans and electrolytic capacitors.


To avoid unnecessary maintenance Omron NS series HMIs make use of Smart Active Parts (SAP) to save you time when configuring, commissioning and maintaining your machine. SAP are pre-programmed, pre-tested visualisation objects containing embedded communication code, bringing ‘drag and drop’ simplicity to HMI design using the NS programming softwar CX-Designer.


When implemented in the NS terminal, SAP will communicate with their connected devices and show the information that is programmed in the SAP.  This way of programming saves time in many ways, and over 3000 Smart Active Parts are available from the SAP libraryFor example, an SAP can be used in the preventative maintenance of inverter drives by monitoring the operating time of the cooling fan and electrolytic capacitors.


Maintenance engineers need only be called when the correct service interval based on accumulated usage is indicated on the HMI panel.


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