Where can I get a GSD file for my inverter?

Firstly what is a GSD file?


A GSD file is used to identify the basic operational characteristics of a PROFIBUS device, to aid interoperability and interchangeability. It makes it possible to have manufacturer-independent configuration tools. Typically, a GSD file includes vendor information, baudrates, timing information, the options or features supported and the available I/O signals.


A GSD file must be available for every PROFIBUS slave.  They contain information about the basic capabilities of a device and are often be shipped with a compatible device; they also can be downloaded from the supplier’s website.

You need to be certain however that you have the correct GSD file.  When a device manufacturer updates a product they often need to update the GSD file.  That means the replacement device-although physically interchangeable-may have a different GSD file


For more information on GSD files go to the PROFIBUS website


By manufacturer




IMO (Scroll down list to find GSD files)

Mitsubishi Electric inverter drives

Omron (click Library files by type and select GSD)

Rockwell Automation


Siemens (select product family, entry list tab, select download and search GSD)


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